12 Février 2021

Kick-off of Twinning for the Armenian Research Infrastructure on Cancer Research (ARICE)

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is participating in a new project within the framework of the European Union Horizon2020 Twinning Programme. Today is the official kick-off of the Twinning for the Armenian Research Infrastructure on Cancer Research (ARICE) project. The project aims to increase the research infrastructure capacities in the field of cancer research in Armenia, by integrating a robust pathology and genomic background with state-of-the-art biobanking into a research-ready data structure.

The cancer research infrastructure has been chosen as the focus of the ARICE project, because Armenia has very high cancer incidence and mortality rates, as well as a very high prevalence (according to incidence) of rare malignant diseases. However, the country underperforms in cancer research compared with the European Union average.

Together with IARC, partner institutions in the project include Yerevan State Medical University (Armenia), the Medical University of Graz (Austria), and Charles University (Czechia).

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Publication date: 12 Février, 2021, 10:36

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