8 Octobre 2020

The neglected environmental impacts of ultra-processed foods

A new Comment published in The Lancet Planetary Health calls for a wider range of factors to be included when evaluating the environmental impact and overall sustainability of food. The authors, including a scientist from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), focus on ultra-processed foods and identify several ways in which ultra-processing should be considered when estimating the environmental and health impacts of diets.

These further areas of consideration form the basis of recommendations on how to address important knowledge gaps in the conceptual and empirical understanding of the impacts of food processing on the environment. Addressing these gaps could enable more effective policies to promote diets that are both healthy and sustainable.

Seferidi P, Scrinis G, Huybrechts I, Woods J, Vineis P, Millett C.
The neglected environmental impacts of ultra-processed foods
Lancet Planet Health, Published online 7 October 2020;

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Publication date: 8 Octobre, 2020, 0:05

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