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15 October 2020

Get to know IARC researchers! New profile in Portraits of Scientists series

A profile of Dr Arianis Tatiana Ramírez is now online as part of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Portraits of Scientists series. Dr Ramírez, a postdoctoral fellow in the Prevention and Implementation Group at IARC, shares insights into her work, her background, her motivation, and why she decided to become a researcher.

IARC launched the Portraits of Scientists series on World Cancer Research Day, 24 September 2020, to highlight the work of the Agency and its scientists. The Portraits are short profiles of individual researchers and the research projects they are working on. They showcase the diverse range of topics and people that drive IARC’s mission of promoting international collaboration in cancer research for cancer prevention.

More Portraits will be published soon, so be sure to check the IARC website regularly for updates.

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