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17 May 2021

IARC Summer School 2021 starts today with the first module: “Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology”

For the first time, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is holding its Summer School fully online in 2021, offering a unique opportunity for epidemiologists, statisticians, physicians, oncologists, and other public health specialists to learn and benefit from IARC’s expertise from anywhere in the world. The IARC Summer School 2021 is taking place from 17 May to 9 July, and 75 people of 42 different nationalities were selected to participate.

Two modules are being offered this year: “Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology” and “Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection”. Both modules have been redesigned, and each comprises a 4-week period of preparatory work, followed by a 2-week period of live online sessions.

IARC is opening some of the content of the IARC Summer School 2021 to a wider audience, by sharing the material developed and used in the preparatory parts of the respective modules. Additional video recordings will be added as and when available, after each day of the daily live online sessions of both modules.

Read more about the “Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology” module 

Watch the recorded videos for “Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology” 

Read more about the “Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection” module

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