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27 July 2020

New estimates of the cancer burden in the EU-27 countries in 2020 now available through ongoing JRC–IARC collaboration

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, in collaboration with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has just released new estimates of the burden of cancer in each of the European Union (EU-27) countries for 2020. A total of 2.7 million new cases of cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers) and 1.3 million cancer-related deaths are estimated for 2020. Female breast cancer is still the most commonly diagnosed cancer type in the EU-27 countries.

The 2020 incidence and mortality estimates are the outcome of fruitful collaborations between the JRC, IARC, and the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR). The estimates rely on the availability of recorded data from population-based cancer registries across Europe. They have been made available on the JRC European Cancer Information System (ECIS) web application. These estimates will form part of a new set of GLOBOCAN 2020 estimates for 185 countries, which IARC will release later this year on the Global Cancer Observatory.

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